Yes, strap on i – it was a mod which doesnt work yet because the board doesnt use standard BSEL method of setting strap, but anyways I suggest two things: I think that now it looks like pin on mobo. Similar Threads – Component Level Motherboard. If so, solder dipswitches onto LGA socket to pull selected to Vss. So i want to mod it till its death.

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Thanks for the tipp! Just did the mods sond described in the Bad Axe thread, using the corresponding contacts on the Black Creek. To keep it short, it seems as if all that is needed to make Bad Axe boards with revisions lower than Conroe-compatible is to change the way VIDs are handled.

I think so because the board has jumpers placed where the production boards shouldn’t have any and it has some parts some caps and so on soldered in per hand and I don’t think that the seller did that. The problem with “older” boards and conroe is said to be the operation mode of the VCore controller. Eound component on GT72 motherboard johnbbNov 23,ado3188 forum: Hey guys, I inverted this image from our Russian friends.


That aisde, you are absolutely right. Do you already have an account? I don’t know if I’ll be able to have a look at the problem for the next few months.

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The board is still posting and working good. Only ran like this for a few days at stockish speeds when I killed a board and waswaiting for a new one to be delivered. Anyway, as already stated, Vcore won’t be the biggest problem, most likely. I wish I could get business from you but unlucky I am in Australia.

The CPU’s core voltage will be soknd smallest problem. Will purchase a PTM1. Thanks for all the help in advance: Wont there be a problem with the bios as well This is something typical error, i think. Xeon is working on my Board. Look more closely at the ADP datasheet.

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I’d like to modify an Intel X based board to run a Conroe. Hope that Intel will move the release to the end of this year and not Adp388 like planned before.

I must have been looking at someones location. In my opinion we can write off Vcore VRM as being the problem as thats a load of hokum to start with Tom Exactly my guess, too.


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So i want to mod it till its death. There’s something else left that we didn’t find. The switching Mosfet’s get warm few secound, and the phase inductors too. Sorry inductors are inductivity naturally. Hey Ibby, while looking into modding my XeonI realized that I was wrong see the edit above. Good luck with this test, I hope it will get to a post screen.

Sorry for my basic english I have a Clevo DT, and it doesn’t start. Wound is classic motherboard death, i know. The good Conroe compatible boards ATM are quite expensive. If it’s really impossible, I’ll drop the idea, but I’d like sounr have a proof first. Is it working with a x P5WD2 Mainboard too?