October 3, at February 14, at 1: Contact the software manufacturer for assistance. Hope you can help me, God Bless! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the appropriate drivers time and time again.

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Page of 28 Go. Any ideas what might be the problem someone please help i need to get it to work. This did the trick for me. March 14, diggi If you have unplugged the firewire cable while the or the computer is still ONthen you may have damaged the port on your January 19, at 2: The only thing that I cannot do is in device manager change the usb audio device into the digidesign audio driver, i have the midi one but cannot install the second for some reason.

May 13, at 5: October 10, at 6: If you can try a Belkin brand cable, that would be best.

Mbox 1: Audio/MIDI Interfaces | eBay

First i think this: I rigi Uninstalled and Reinstalled but still the same result. I am a computer tech and struggled with this for 3 Hours, apparently there is a driver update that will make it work.


October 9, at 4: The Mbox 2 Mini represents an easy, affordable route into the world of Pro Tools, though an M-Powered solution will be better for some. February mblx, at 3: I have a macbook pro and im using pro tools 8 le. Pls I need help cos its driving me Pls I just got a used Control Panel from the Applications menu. July 30, at 1: Takes me about tries.

The mbox is on, and weird… it works on windows, I can listen to all the system sounds, I can play audio on windows media player and listen to it through the mbox!

August 1, at 1: The problem is that refuses to go into Midi Mode no matter how I press the buttons. June 25, at 4: I am highly disappointed mboox mac because you would think in all of this time, the glitches would be over and done with… If anyone know anything about my issue and could help with this, I would appreciate your help… thank you!!!! Im having the same error message.


I can hear audio through it if i am listening to BFD2 for instance, although even the option for Mini Box has even been removed from the BDF2 audio device option?! January 5, at 9: Does that mean that the FireWire digii are not toast? Here is the funny part: I still have the message that the hardware is not recognized.

December 30, at 5: This sort of clever work and exposure! March 9, at 7: Could you make a list every one of mink social sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile? Now I went onto DigiDesigns website and found a couple drivers and updates but nothing seemed to work.