Wideload , Jan 15, I can order it from any number of nearby relative – i live on an island stores. So, with firmware 2. Over the past year, SplitFish has painstakingly re-engineered and turbocharged the key performance features of the FragFX V2 system to ensure maximum playability and performance for PS3 gamers of all levels. I’m not sure what firmware the unit is stock, but does anyone know of another link for the latest firmware? Oct 9, Messages: Jan 20, at 3:

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Anyone use Splitfish FragFX v2?

I purchased the dual sfx frag pro from ncix when the product first came out. I’ve heard you can assign rapid fire, is this true?

Second issue I have is with the mouse. I can order it from any number of nearby relative – i live on an island stores. Jan 13, Messages: I put sensitivity in the game all the way up then used the dial on the frag till i got comfortable with it.


RamblerJan 15, I also want to say is I found the frag button extremely usefull in several situations. I’ll let you guys know what I think. Jan 16, at 3: They don’t have a section for the firmware downloads, just a plain page and some pdf’s.

Jan 15, Messages: Larger mousepad for a wider range of motion for mouse tracking and aiming. Hopefully, the V2 will last longer next time around.

Not all SplitFish products affected

Ernie QuinchFeb 10, Do you already have an account? Overall, it’s a good unit and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

Jan 28, at 1: In the event firmware upgrades are needed, they will be provided for free and instantaneously by simply downloading them directly from www. It is definitely a huge improvement over the fragf sfx. The fragnstein is hard to find for me, the splitfish is not however.

Splitfish FragFX V2 (SFEV2) Gamepad | eBay

Oct 9, Messages: Jan 15, at 9: Dritan Follow Forum Posts: Some say its cheating, you call to decide for that. I understand on a technical level how it is trying to translate a mouse to a joystick, so some of the minor things that make it not feel just like a fraggx i can deal with and understand.


I can understand some people’s concerns with the quality of the plastic. Jan 15, at 5: I just fragxf I knew about fragnstein before splitfish hahahaha. We will see if I am still fond of it after using it for a while. Jan 28, at 3: Mouse movement is pretty close to an actual PC mouse.

Just bustin’ balls, bud. Like you, even with the firmware it’s pretty poor and no where near as good as my Fragnstein. Share This Page Tweet.