If you are using the USB cable, then you do not need a power supply or a serial cable. Same as 5 above. There are multiple digitizers listed in the TabletWorks Control Panel. This is a rare situation. The solution is to place the digitizer on a non-metalic surface. Electronic items often emit radio waves.

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Be noted you are considering quickruler only. Point, line, continuous, incremental. To restart the TabletWorks driver: Read through the list below to find the solution to your situation. Ensure that the Mouse and Wintab boxes are both checked.

Delete it with [Remove tablet] and then go to Solution 1. If a red “X” appears over the digitizer, then proceed to “Solution 2”.

GTCO Roll Up Digitizer

Right-click the icon and select “Restart TabletWorks” from the pop-up menu. So much different things out there. Stylus, USB cable and serial cable are gtvo, along with the user guide and access It no longer works in the software.


Then highlight your digitizer and click the [Remove tablet] button. Locate the TabletWorks icon in system tray.

If not, then enter the S SuperSet code. Blueprints and copies typically do not contain any conductive inks; however some inkjet printers may use black conductive inks. The icon should quickly disappear and then reappear with a turning wheel over the icon. This is a rare situation. If not, then reboot. Extremely light weight and mobile, the Roll-Up III can be easily rolled for storage or transported to various locations. Use a variety of pointing devices, including a pen-shaped stylus for increase precision and accuracy.

i. GTCO/CalComp Rollup III 30”x36” with choice of pointer, price includes freight

The solution is to relocate the digitizer at least 40 feet from the base station. Did you install the TabletWorks driver?

The solution is to place the digitizer on a non-metalic surface. A sheet of plywood between the digitizer and the metal table will correct the problem. If you have a serial digitizer, do you have a power supply plugged into the digitizer?


GTCO Rollup III 36×48

Built-in USB connectivity allows power to be supplied through a USB port, providing immediate access to a desktop or laptop computer and with a wide selection of applications. There are many different reasons rolup a digitizer stops working.

Same as 5 above. Skip to main content. Start your software and check your digitizer. Although GTCO styluses are very rugged, the switch in the tip will eventually wear out.

Cnc, Cad, and Cutting Ind USB to Serial Adaptor. Plug the power supply back in. Other Cads Software, you have to study yourself.