After spending some time with it, we can’t say the layout offers any practical advantages, but it’s a pleasant break from the norm. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Power users and the patient-minded may be able to put up with the P7’s particular video requirements, but people looking for drag-and-drop simplicity should look elsewhere. From around the web. The P7 measures 4. Design We have some legitimate gripes with the P7, but design isn’t one of them. Once you dial down into the P7’s music and photo menus, the single-page interface of the main menu eventually gives way to a more common list view.

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It’s a novel and fun approach to an interface, and while iriver isn’t packing in irivdr functionality or connected information, it’s a far cry from surfing through a boring menu tree with a d-pad.

The Good The Iriver P7 is a gorgeous portable video player that packs in music, movies, photos, radio, voice recording, and a text reader.

iriver P7 review: iriver P7 – CNET

We’re not expecting iriver to be magical and support every codec on the planet, but there is the unavoidable truth that without some sort of convenient method for regular people to get regular content onto the player like a movie they shot of their igiverit’s not going to be a roaring success. It’s not unpleasant, just odd, and it at least adds a sense of monolith-type mystique to the player.

Unfortunately, at times the player seems to forget itself, and requires a second tap to make a function happen. The P7’s headphone jack is on the right edge, along with a hold switch, and a microSD memory slot covered by a plastic door.


What Hi-Fi?

Read our full impressions after the break. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Features The P7 is easy on the eyes, but the features are nothing to write home about. Visit manufacturer site for details.

In practice, however, we found that the P7 didn’t offer the kind of drag-and-drop video format and resolution flexibility we’ve seen from competitors such as the Cowon O2 or Archos WiFi. A better all-in-one PC twist. Show More Show Less.

Porsche’s sports car tech improves the new Cayenne SUV. The P7 is supposed to have what iriver calls a “built-in media converter,” which is supposed to transcode files on the go and let us watch whatever media we damn well please.

The P7’s sleek aluminum body looks like it belongs in a modern art museum. We uriver a good bit of battery life iriver claims 7 hours of video playback and 4. No needless curves, wasted buttons or confusing bits, just a simple slab of recycling-friendly metal, with plastic on the ends and a screen in the middle.

iRiver P7 MP3 Player 1PSIL B&H Photo Video

Iriver appropriately describes the main menu screen as magazinelike, laying out each of the player’s functions on a single screen, compartmentalized into an attractive oriver of boxes. There are also settings for bookmarking, looping, or saving files to a custom playlist.

Tapping any of those items sends you straight to it even the clock takes you to a great world clockand a back button usually sends you to the main menu for that category photo albums, playlists, so forth. This 16 GB digital media player is capable of keeping up to 2, tunes, allowing you to move all your CDs and music files onto it. At the same time, the player seems needlessly thick.


The included earbuds are, like with most players, pretty much worthless, quite uncomfortable, and seem designed for inexplicably large ears. Irkver the top there are volume buttons flush with the surface, that click when pressed, and a menu button denoted by a single small bump.

The iRiver P7 music player is just the right size, enabling you to fire it up in almost any location.

As this 16 GB digital media player features a high-resolution display screen, you can experience bright and clear text, visual details, and images without struggling.

The Bottom Line The Iriver P7 is ifiver a beautifully crafted concept car with a irver lack of horsepower, but the price is irivfr. Just like the smaller-screened Samsung P3 or Iriver SPINN, we found ourselves spending extra time converting the videos we wanted to watch on the P7 using the included software.

Don’t show this again. The home screen has an almost editorial layout, with instant access to all of the player’s main functions. Surface Studio 2 review: We’ve been getting friendly with iriver’s latest touchscreen masterpiece over the past few days, and have a few impressions to share. Review Sections Review Specs.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. On one hand, iriver’s stark, minimal design prowess is at its height here. While the P7’s hardware looks like it takes a few cues from Apple, the touch-screen interface is entirely unique.