Many parts of this land of deserts, mountains, steppes and oases are populated by unreached people groups and are hostile to Christians. Medium radio waves are optimal for communication in the Arctic – unlike satellite communication or short waves – it is not reasonable to build a network of cell communication towers due to the low population density, and short waves work badly there since the ionosphere in the Arctic latitudes is unpredictable, he explained. Radio Jurnal Spiritual – kHz Both stations are religous. Or anyone with a better guess or real knowledge? Judging from an ongoing listening project on the internet streams at http:

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Weather and technology permitting, our programmes on Khz will commence originating from the Ross Revenge at 7. Our transmitter site is being re-developed by the karek, so we took the opportunity to take the station fully digital rather than invest significantly in a replacement transmitter that could be obsolete in a few years. A transmitter turns electrical signals into radio waves.

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070 Non-stop mx and no announcements. There will be interruptions to service from this transmitter generally between UTC, UTC after 28 Octoberincluding at weekends.

Holding the cursor over a circle shows tx site etc. The station describes its format as the “sound of elegance” as well as “relaxing music” and “beautiful music.


It was open, to put it very mildly; almost as full of signals as it used to be before the shutdowns began. According to the program, hosted this week by Ray Robinson while Jeff was otherwise occupied, the AM tower on Anguilla was knocked down, while the SW towers are still up but the curtain antenna between vieta was severely damaged. Opportunity was also taken to replace some support ropes to the hamper wire section and careful fine tuning, the antenna system is now operating more efficiently.

Table of Contents Aug 23, with pictures of entire issue | Real Change

Here in Sweden it is dual license process for temporary broadcasts. In addition to a wire between the masts, there is a large metal mesh net under the ground that is part of the entire installation.

Whilst testing since November last year and thru December, came in pretty loud and clear both daytime and at night here in Scarborough, now there is kaeel background constant whistle, reception is not as strong, that’s daytime, as for night, reception is now non existent, somethings happened.

Mike Terrymwdx yg On 25 March this transmitter broke. On this list they are still marked as switched off: Also we have at the same time kHz opting out of normal Arabic broadcasts to serve Bahrain.

Not RNE but Cope. The transition seemed to take only a couple of seconds. Sackfuls of Caroline Classics – the best from the new Playlist We also broadcast three hours a day in St. This is the 4th application – I believe.


For this service, a listed power of kW is used with a “North” beam azimuth? Further, the applicant or licensee must undertake efforts to find a solution and provide sufficient evidence that the solution proposed will have the least impact on the market the radio station is licensed to serve.

We invite you to report to our editorial office any wrongdoing that can be heard on the so-called Radio Diffusione Europea specifying also the time and the reception area. Free Radio 80s Shilton kHz: That is a device similar to a regular radio, only the signal does not come from the air but via internet and WIFI.

This report from mediamagazine. Reported heard again at Slight drizzle tonight, but I went outside around Z with the Panasonic tranny anyway.

On 25 July, the British regulator Ofcom announced the award of two new community radio licences in England. Reception reports are extremely valuable to us and do help considerably in aligning equipment and aerials, especially at a new location here in Coalville, Leicestershire. I have uploaded the id on my web-site: Powers have not changed. More detailed information is found at this URL: