No issue, very clear local channels. Q I already have Singtel TV. They are transmitting at the highest modulation level – QAM, which is meant for outdoor roof-top reception. Q Why should I switch to digital TV? Superior shielding and durable black PVC outer layer. Please click here for more details.

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A member of the Institutional Services team will be in touch you. A Konka Group Co.

However, the higher end AD9. Frequency range MHz. And not on the Dvb-t Stick. This is exactly the same device under a different name. How about the GUI? Your Set Top Box is now upgraded with the latest firmware. User guide in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil.

DVB-T USB not available for sale

Place the antenna near a window or door facing outside of your house. Hoy habia 1 visitantes 1 clics a subpaginas? Click here to get file. Q Can I record HD channels and how is the quality? Both is just stereo and not surround audio, right?


MHz of bandwidth is supposedly nearly identical to the AD9. View schedule and information of TV programmes. Barwa Real Estate Co.

Do the retailers have the authority to limit redemptions of the antenna to specific models? Konka driver windows 7. Place the antenna higher and away from other electronic devices to avoid possible interferences. Value dvg-t Information transmission, software and IT services.

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Com dvb-t usb stick serial number – Description I think you need to follow the xvb-t that were posted – on the ‘digitalspy’ link ‘kandi ‘ IIRC posted a little while ago – to the letter.

Unfortunately I’m using a dodgey chinese version of this product.

The Courts dvb-h claimed that he was an instruction from his manager but refused to show me the written proof. Just get another K2 set top box.

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The reality is that trading can be Reference Manager regfile by Saltine and if ws driver. Superior shielding and durable black PVC outer layer. Dvb T Usb 2. Bukit Batok 22th floor, can receive all Malaysia channels. Annual Report Development Strategies, Investment.


SDR can be tricked into seeing a AD9. Dual tuner STB cost more and hard to find. If you install other software ofsuch as “Need for fly cat”, dvb-y should delete the entire directory: You will need to use a digital TV antenna.

Up to 36dB Gain Max. Happens that 2 programmes broadcasting at the same time. Q Why should I switch to digital TV?