They bring out this piece of hardware and because of their failure to deliver on a mod or two and whatever else, this product should get automatically slated because its from the same group? This historic mighty powerful Williams-Renault team was once upon a time the team to beat. He has also sent me a different angled vehicle shot seen below. Inquiring minds want to know …. That being the case, who is the worst party of the two? Some will hate on MMG forever, some will adopt a want and see attitude and some will judge them on what they produce. Business as usual then.

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There aint many mate. The rest of your post I think you have exaggerated for effect. Inquiring minds want to know ….

They didnt give up on it despite all the hate and got the job done. MMG has delivered an almost flawless product, the build quality is great and both display and software work like a charm without any problem.

And f1 racer, you continue to support this scum? Its just a question now of it they will be allowed to. MMG is not one of those groups, so pardon my cynicism. But at the same time they are not being given a chance to try and redeem themselves.

MMG SimRDisp7X – Retail Price Announced – – % Independent Sim Racing News

Not too si,rdisp7x about F1 in this edition, but a bit about MMG latest hardware. Some will hate on MMG forever, some will adopt a want and see attitude and some will judge them on what they produce.


Any imperfection is overly criticised and highlighted in such a negative manner.

As long as the display is plugged in, it will be working. NO Nobody here has to understand what do u want… I read serious modder, ctdp here…ctdp there…Are u joking, man? Its not fair to criticise that based on their mod marketing skills. The display comes with drivers, configuration software and a step-by-step install manual which is easy to follow.

Phil and Yanden made breathless, repeated boasts about the quality of F1 before its release.

Your as big a piece of shit as petros mak. I would rather have three years of development for a mod done right than one year of development for a flawed mod. Paul, maybe you should give your so-called inquiring mind some more practice. Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3. So probably a good improvement simtdisp7x would be to add dimmer to this unit, adjustable in few steps.

No mod group overpromises and underdelivers like MMG. Announcing mods and then not releasing them isnt really cause for the hate cast upon them and nor is them hyping their own products.

MMG SimRDisp7X – G25 Edition Photos

You say infrequent mod releases as if they are expected to be constantly rolling them out for you. My main interest in MMG has been the F1 mod, which when it made its first appearance didnt really work out too well.


Some MMG members really seem to be extremly attention-cracing. Need to earn me some extra cash! MMG is not a group of 1 or 2 people yet the entire group seeminly is judged on the personalities of a couple of people.

Pre-ordering for the display is in full swing as pre-orders will be shipped on January 27th. At what point will your stupid brain realize this scum is a pure con simrdisp7z

MMG SimRDisp7X – Promo Video

All of my mods in this thread took about a combined 20 minutes to write. Has it a mounting kit for the G25? The final remaining LED can simrdosp7x assigned with a variety of functions such as traction-control info, engine temperature warnings or safety car information. And Petros is making up his usual bullshit stories of the manufacturer going broke and MMG buying out of the staff and opening an italian branch, and now the latest, simrddisp7x courior van got robbed at gun point.

As suspected, MMG is ripping off customers with this product.