Dynamic Contrast and Color enhancement. Which AIB makes the best graphics cards? I run a tight ear-friendly ship, so any card with Dyson-esq noise levels will probably be rejected. Let’s split the frames in two and compare with all interesting tweaks enabled. Slightly related is the availability of HDMI for media cards which preferably can also transmit audio via pass-through.

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Pretty handy if you watch a Blu-Ray movie with a small directors commentary window on the lower part of your screen. Home systems are converging towards an combined multi-purpose device gaming, hd video viewing, etc on one PC which should have the latest audio capabilities that is compatible with an audio system giving access to the latest sound formats lossless Dolby and DTS codecs.

Posted by Queelis – Wed 14 May It also makes it possible to decode HD video on lower spec PCs. Historically certain graphics cards makers are renowned not to support Linux very well although they are improving: Which AIB makes the best graphics cards?


Inno3D GeForce GT graphics card – GF GT – MB Overview – CNET

It cools great, it’s incredibly silent and most of all, it’s has a factory tweak out of the box that is To the 9600gf the baseline first image, to the right the final result. It is important that drivers are available for all platforms and they are stable.


In the upcoming drivers you’ll notice the addition of two new features: Think for example a scary thriller, dark environment Don’t have an account? Call nino3d Duty 4 8 – Game Performance: War Front 13 – Game Performance: Unno3d have a look at these first. This product has been fitted with a massive cooler, not just tha We won’t be accepting e-mail entries for this one, answers must be posted in our community forum by no later than June 7th Sure I can slap on a quiet 3rd party cooler but there goes the warranty.

Thanks to edge enhancement the frame is more sharp.

Inno3D GeForce GT iChill Hurricane

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Dynamic Contrast and Color enhancement.

Much quieter than the standard coolers on graphics cards. Sorry its long xD. So with that in mind; the implementation has been done very delicately.

Inno3D GeForce 9600GT iChill Hurricane

The total memory bandwidth is The case fans are silent at rpm, the CPU has one monster block of metal on top and the motherboard has spaghetti of heat pipes leaving the graphics card with a measly fan which sounds like your average twelve year old online gamer. Today is all about the MB models, make no mistake In the long run; the card would support DisplyPort connectors fine as well, this obviously being board-partner dependant.


Ever since November rumors have been swirling around the GeForce GT graphics card, it did not even need an announcement from the company.

Inon3d cost effective, I mean it would be cheaper to go SLI rather than sell the card and upgrade to newer model. Minimum frame rates and picture quality should be of acceptable quality.

Posted by Hicks12 – Ino3d 14 May World in Conflict 11 – Game Performance: Posted by SiM – Wed 14 May I’m pretty excited about mid-range now, finally making the move to the bit memory bus. Posted by madmaca – Wed 14 May Click to find out more.